Knotted carpet loom: It’s the same, says new company

Knotted carpet loom: It’s the same, says new company

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Knotted carpet loom: It’s the same, says new company By admin

The Irish newspaper The Irish Star has reported on a new textile company that makes loom-knotted carpettes, a new industry in the Irish Republic.

It comes as the Irish government prepares to announce new tariffs on imported garments, which are widely seen as the keystone of a trade deal with China.

The company, Linn-Tie, has made a new line of loomknotted products, with a total value of €1.8m.

It employs a group of 20 people and is based in Dublin, but it is said to be looking to expand internationally.

“It’s a new kind of manufacturing industry.

We have an industrial approach and we do it in a very environmentally friendly way,” Mr Coyle said.”

We have a large scale production facility which we use for all of our production in the world.”

Linn-tie has made loom knit carpets in the US, Canada and Britain, but the company has made its own loom yarns in Ireland, a company spokeswoman said.

Irish Trade Minister Simon Coveney told The Irish News the Government was keen to ensure Irish-made goods are available for export.

“As soon as the tariffs are announced, the Government will take the appropriate action to encourage Irish-produced goods to be made locally,” he said.

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