How to install Pakistani carpet looms in your home

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The carpet industry has a history of creating controversy and a history as a source of pain for Pakistanis living in urban environments.

These days, the carpet industry is also used as a weapon to punish those who try to change the status quo.

One such case involves an 18-year-old who was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit and a local businessman who was fined Rs1 million for failing to provide adequate security to his business.

Both these cases highlight the fact that while the carpet sector has made strides in recent years, its roots are still there and many in the industry still see carpet as a commodity.

“We have to protect our turf and we have to be a little bit bolder,” a source in the carpet business told Quartz.

This sentiment is echoed by many who work in the field, as they are concerned that carpet salespeople are being paid more than other workers and that the industry is becoming a more powerful force than it once was.

“I feel like we are living in a war zone now,” said Shahid Mahmood, a former carpet seller in Lahore.

“The carpet industry as a whole is being used to take out the Taliban and to control people.

People are being punished for having a different opinion.”

In Pakistan, carpet is considered to be the second-largest export after wheat, after oil.

It is estimated that about 30% of Pakistanis earn their livelihoods from the industry, and its production accounts for nearly 10% of the country’s total GDP.

According to the International Labor Organization, carpet production in Pakistan is worth $1.8 billion annually, making it one of the world’s largest textile and carpet industries.

And while the industry was once a thriving one, its dominance has begun to slip as demand has declined.

“Carpet production in India and the US is the main source of income for the domestic industry.

But the carpet market in Pakistan has been on the decline,” said Mahmood.

“Now we are in a situation where the carpet industries are competing with all these other industries that are competing against each other for the market.

We are seeing a very big shift.”

In the country of 150 million, carpet industry employs around 100,000 people and has been in the forefront of efforts to diversify the economy and boost economic growth.

It has been hailed as a way to diversiate the economy by providing workers with the opportunity to earn money while also living a comfortable lifestyle.

However, the impact of this change has been a difficult one for some, as the carpet trade has also become a target for Pakistan’s powerful militant groups.

“It is a very dangerous time.

People want to do something and then suddenly their lives are being taken from them,” a former employee of a carpet seller told Quartz in a recent interview.

“People are being killed.

They are being beaten.

They don’t have any security.

They can’t get work.

They have no choice.

They’re forced to become carpet sellers.

And the worst part is they’re getting killed.

You get a lot of young people who are going into the business.”

The carpet trade is one of many industries that have been targeted by the Taliban in recent times.

In February 2017, the country was rocked by a string of bomb attacks, some of which were carried out by militants.

The attacks were the worst attack in Pakistan’s history, killing more than 200 people.

While the Taliban has denied responsibility for the attacks, the government in Islamabad has blamed them on the Pakistani Taliban, which the government has accused of providing logistical support to militant groups such as the Pakistani Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (PIM).

“The Taliban are responsible for all the bombings in Pakistan, including the recent ones,” a spokesperson for the Pakistani military said.

“But we are also investigating other terrorist groups that have also carried out attacks on Pakistani security forces, and we will be taking necessary measures to prevent further such attacks,” the spokesperson added.

“There are more than 150 terrorist groups in Pakistan.

There is a war against them.

We will not allow the Taliban to come into Pakistan,” he added.

The Taliban has been blamed for more than 50 terrorist attacks, including bomb attacks on the Parliament building in Islamabad, the Parliament complex in Lahoor, and the parliament in Rawalpindi, in addition to other attacks.

The Pakistani military, which has been battling the Taliban since 2001, has warned that the threat posed by the group is real and growing.

“Terrorism in Pakistan today is a global threat, and it is the greatest threat facing Pakistan in terms of its security,” the military said in a statement released on March 1, 2017.

“Pakistan is facing a severe threat of terrorism in the form of the terrorist groups, which have a global network of support and financing, and which are active and active in multiple locations, including within Pakistan,” it added.

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