When a carpets factory shuts down, the world can dream of the dream carpet

When a carpets factory shuts down, the world can dream of the dream carpet

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Posted June 02, 2020 16:20:40When a carpet factory shuts off, the dreams of those who’ve lived in it for decades fade.

For generations, it was home to some of Australia’s finest carpets.

It was also home to many of the worst disasters.

The city of Port Augusta in Victoria has been left devastated by the catastrophic flooding of the Victorian coastal town in 2014.

The carpets factories have been left to rot, as the local community has turned their back on them and have been forced to rely on charity to provide a living.

In 2016, the Victorian government closed down the carpets plants and put the carpettas into storage.

Many of the carpet factories closed because they had no place to put them.

“They were in very good condition.

But the carpettes were never going to be put into storage, they just weren’t,” local community leader Andrew Gage said.”

It’s a very sad situation for the people of Port Adelaide and the Victorian community, but that’s where it ends.”

It was a heartbreaking loss for many of those affected, including some who worked at the carpete factories.

“There’s no room for them in the carpette factory, they were literally in the back of the car,” one of the factory’s owners, James Campbell, said.

The town’s mayor, Graham Tait, said the carpetera plant had been a symbol of the community’s resilience.

“That’s a symbol that will live with us for a long time,” Mr Tait said.”[The carpeteras] were a very special and important part of our community and our history.”

Mr Campbell said it was sad the carpeters’ factories would no longer be working, but it was a loss he didn’t think had much to do with the floods.

“People have lived through the floods and it’s hard to see it coming to fruition like that, but I think we’ve come a long way in a short period of time,” he said.

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