Zarrinnaghsh company is one of the producers of carpet weaving machine industry in Iran which was established and exploited in 2008

It is working with annual production capacity more than 48000 square meters. The products of this company are manufactured and distributed in different sizes including: 3×4, 2/5×3/5, 2×3, 1/5×2/25, 1×1/5, 1×4, 1×3, 1×2, and 50×80 with various colors such as blue, red, bisque, dark blue, and almond. The number of colors used in carpet weaving is 8, also the material of carpet pile yarn is quite heat-set acrylic. The technology which is used in carpet weaving machine, is one of the reasons of manufactured goods being high-qualified in this company.

The technology of these day in European companies such as Vandewiele in Belgium and Schonherr in Germany made the Iranian art that supply own creativity in textile carpet with machine and supply this product more than expectation

The product offered with the best quality in the basic material and product due to the high technology in products all of the basic materials and fibers consumed can be changed according to the customer opinion and tact

We can determine for all commercial and even commercial residential projects with the highest quality and variety in product. Distributing carpet and rug tableau woven with machine with the highest quality in the world is our capability.